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Two on a Seesaw

This production of Two on a Seesaw is more than a psychological drama involving two people: it is also an attempt to sum up the life of a person on his/her own in a world of sharks and wolves, where there is no time for another human being. At first, like in the film Niewinni czarodzieje [Innocent Sorcerers], Wajda amuses himself with playing out the budding friendship between Giselle and Jerry, but later the drama acquires a more serious meaning and becomes really interesting.

Roman Szydlowski, "Trybuna Ludu", nr 11/1961
cit. cf: Maciej Karpinski,
"The Theatre of Andrzej Wajda", Warszawa 1980.

This production was the immediate reason why Wajda's idea to create the Scena 61 of the Ateneum Theatre in Warsaw was finally implemented. As the first en rond type stage in Poland it was a new experience for the director, the actors and the audience. Perhaps least of all for Wajda, who as a film director, was used to view the same situation from different angles.

Maciej Karpinski,
"The Theatre of Andrzej Wajda", Warszawa 1980, p.25.

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