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As Years Go By, As Days Go By...

(...) This theatrical collage by Joanna Olczak-Roniker and Andrzej Wajda [is] a family saga, but also a panoramic view of a certain era, in which human lives are inextricably linked with the history of a city, a society, a country. This epic design is successful. (...) Although the seven-hour performance has slightly weaker moments (...) the gallery of characters is so enspirited, the intricate plot, the interweaving comedy and tragedy so interesting, the combination of nostalgia and farce, of high emotion and cabaret mockery so moving - that the result is theatre which is remarkably lively and alive. So much so that throughout the seven hours of the play the viewer doesn't experience a single moment of boredom - and this, you must admit, is itself a great success.

Maciej Karpinski,
"Andrzej Wajda - teatr", Warszawa 1980, p.108-109.

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